Some very exciting news from Murphy’s Law HQ. We have finally found a suitable practice room in Berlin where we will be moving into in the next couple of weeks. This will be a place for the band to experiment with lots of new songs for the live set and more importantly to begin arranging some new Original material for an upcoming EP towards the end of the Summer 2015.

We need a few things to get us started in the room before we can move into it so if anyone has the following lying around in their place or knows someone who could help us out that would be great.

A Large carpet (the existing carpet is so dirty that it has almost grown legs itself and walked out!) the size should be 5x4m Approx.
A Sofa (Preferably Leather, without flower pattern)
A clean Fridge
A small table
A Few Chairs

If anyone has any of the above that they would like to donate to the ML cause, then please send us an email and there will be a few very strong handome men calling around to your place to make a pick up 😉

Thanks in advance. Pass it on to your friends.
Over and out from MLHQ.