As summer approaches in Berlin then normally the pub gigs wind down a notch for the Murphy’s Law band because Berliners dont drink in pubs in the Summer! Oh no they do it in the parks with Barbeques and buckets full of Ice cold beer! A few weeks away from the hot pubs is always a nice break from the norm. Danny will head off as planned for his yearly residency in San Moritz Switzerland scheduled for 1 – 15 July, but this year Danny will extend his stay in Switzerland and play at 2 festivals in St. Gallen and Bern.

The M Budget stage is a small stage in which the festival organizers run and invite up and coming solo artists to perform, something like an open mic. But what every good open mic has is a Moderator and that’s exactly Danny’s job there. He will play a 1 hour set each day for the 4 Days and the rest of the time will be a chance for new up and coming musicians to play at these festivals.

Danny was contacted directly by the organizers (migros) as they were impressed with his ability to make people feel part of the show. He will showcase some new original songs there and also enjoy the chance to see some of his favourite acts of the last 2 years play live such as Ben Howard and Biffy Clyro! He will hit the road on 24th June and return on 22 July. Road TRIP!!

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On the Road