Murphy's Law

Meet the Musicians

A circle of friends


We don't have a fixed band lineup, we have a group of top class musicians whom we can call upon depending on the gig requirements.


We specialize in weddings, festivals and corporate gigs. We have an array of PA systems and lighting systems at the ready.

1 stop shop

You can hire us for your event, we will roll everything into your venue and you wont have to worry about a thing the rest of the night.

Our Musicians

This is our main block of musicians. Sometimes an event arises that requires a specialist musician, so we dig a little deeper into our circle.

Danny O'Connor

Guitar & Vocals

Bernd Lüdtke

Fiddle & Vocals

Florian Keller


Moe Jaksch

Double Bass

Sara Wegen

Fiddle & Vocals

Patrizia Sieweck

Fiddle & Vocals

Chuji Kazuyoshi Nakatsukasa

Double Bass

Paul Viblanc

Fiddle & Pipes

“If one should desire to know whether a kingdom is well governed, if its morals are good or bad, the quality of its music will furnish the answer.”


Our Events

Murphy’s Law are committed to making your event the best ever. They have all the experience under their belt to make organizers feel at ease whether it be a stressed out bride-zilla or a stage manager working on the main stage at one of Europe’s top festivals.

Experience is what counts at this level and Murphy’s Law have that in abundance.

They also possess a huge array of equipment for small, medium and large events. So whatever the occasion may be Murphy’s Law has you covered.


The band know that each wedding is special and will do everything to make sure that your individual wishes for the day are met.


Having played many international festivals from Ballyshannon to Berlin, we love nothing more than to hypnotize an audience with our craft.

Corporate Events

We have all the equipment required for small, medium and large sized events. We are a one stop shop, hire us, we roll in and you let us do our job.