If three years establish a tradition, the annual Murphy’s Law Teehaus gig is one by now – and a dear one, too. August 2015 saw the band make their debut on the Open Air stage in Berlin’s idyllic Englischer Garten and a wonderfully supportive and welcoming crowd of some 800 cheering them on for not one, but three encores before the “One more song! One more song!” shouts subsided. Two years after that, the concertgoers wouldn’t let Murphy’s Law off with just a few encores, but cheered themselves to a whole extra set, which the band were more than happy to deliver and which was made possible by the organizers in a spontaneous decision. Musical grassroots democracy at its best!

Everyone who knows German audiences a little knows that if something like that happens on a Sunday night – read: before a Monday morning – it is a great compliment for the performers. After almost a year with bass player Jens Clarberg, the new line-up has come together and the musicians roll as a tight-knit three-piece whose personal chemistry makes for the buzz their shows create at least as much as their musical enthusiasm. The credit for the Teehaus tradition, however – which we hope will carry on for many years to come – goes to Konzertsommer Berlin and the Teehaus crew, who work hard to bring this amazing series of summer concerts to a fantastic venue year after year. A kind and heart-felt thank you goes to them and to the audience. Murphy’s Law are looking forward to this show more and more for every year!