Folk in the yard

Folk in the yard

Folk im Hof ​​enchanted the visitors at the Alte Feuerwache in Hennigsdorf on Saturday evening. Nearly 200 visitors enjoyed the warm summer evening with Irish sounds.

At 6 pm the fiddle starts, the cello, banjo, guitar and the traditional percussion instrument Bodhrán are tuned in, when suddenly the church bells of the church next to the Hennigsdorfer Town Hall open their doors and ring in a long and persistent Saturday night. Such a punctual beginning of the concert can certainly have its pitfalls.

However, the musicians of St. Sláinte do not let themselves be confused and resist with their folk sounds. A little later, the courtyard at the Alte Feuerwache belongs to the sextet without any restrictions. For the third time playing the combo, which was created in 2008 as a school band at the Louise Henriette High School in Oranienburg, since 2011 in the current cast and plays his band name translated “Auf die Freundschaft”, “Folk in the yard” on. Already at the first edition in 2012 St. Sláinte was there. “We are always happy when the request for this evening comes,” reveals Eric Drescher. The 28-year-old, who plays the bodhrán and sets the pace on stage, is just like Matthias Drochner (28) to the band’s founding members. “We run the whole thing as a hobby,” says Drochner. “We rehearse on the weekend.” Then getting all six band members under one roof is not always easy, because “we are slowly entering a phase of life in which much happens and many other obligations, professional, family and private.”

For this reason, St. Sláinte are looking for the events in which they can perform. And want. After Hennigsdorf they always like to come. Also, because it’s practically a home game. “The visitors are here because they like the music, go along. The atmosphere is right, the location is great. It’s just an all-round evening, “says Eric Drescher.

One and a half hours, St. Sláinte will play this evening and bring the audience in the mood. On the ears there are classics of Irish folk as well as rockier pieces. As an encore follows the actual bouncer, in which also powerful curses. “Do not feel like kicking it out, but please stay and experience with us the appearance of Murphy’s Law”, calls Eric Drescher to the audience. The good 180 visitors have long been in Folkfest mood, clapping and rocking, the first brave swing the dance leg.

As punctually as St. Sláinte enters the stage at 8 pm “Murphy’s Law”. The trio does not need time to warm up – the audience anyway not. The Berliners, who are among the most sought-after folk bands in the capital, set off with their powerful sound and immediately have the audience on their side. “It’s beautiful here,” Danny O’Connor exclaims again and again. “You can hear the crickets sing and smell the nature. It’s great with you, “he chats, and loosely wraps his fingers around with his Irish accent.

That’s when Andrea Stadtaus takes a deep breath. As event manager of the city of Hennigsdorf, she has set up Folkabend for the seventh time. “We noticed then that there is an audience for this music in Hennigsdorf,” she recalls. For the program, she thinks about something new every year, which does not mean that especially sought-after musicians will not come back. St. Sláinte are the best example. “I still remember them as a student band and was already enthusiastic about them”, remembers Andrea Stadtaus, “this year they were once again on it”.

After the Folkabend was about to be demolished in the previous year – floods of water poured over the yard at the Alte Feuerwache – everything fits this Saturday. The guests, who not only come from Hennigsdorf, but also the surrounding area, will find that. In bright blue skies, they spend a balmy summer evening with rousing live music, culinary supply without a long queue and one or two cold beers. “Folk im Hof” has firmly established itself in the calendar of events of the city over the past seven years. That’s why the eighth edition of the music spectacle will take place in 2019, as Andrea Althaus already reveals.

By Nadine Bieneck